Am I eligible for care and support from the council?

Request a care and support assessment

Before you can get care and support from the council, we need to do an assessment with you. You can request this by completing the form below.

First, you may want to check that you are eligible to receive care and support from us according to the national criteria.

What is a care and support assessment?

It's a discussion between you and a trained professional such as a social worker, a trained support planner or an occupational therapist to help us understand your needs.

It helps us decide whether you have eligible care and support needs and can receive funding from the council to help pay towards the cost of your services.

Even if we can't directly help you, we can give you advice on how to access care and support privately - for example, there are lots of local services listed in the A-Z of adult care and support services

To request an assessment, complete the form - it will take around 5 -10 minutes. If your answers indicate that you may be eligible, you'll be asked to create an account and give your contact details so that we can stay in touch and send you information about your care securely.  You can complete the form yourself or get someone else to do so on your behalf.

Request a care and support assessment

More about requesting a care and support assessment

Who can request an assessment?

If you have care and support needs you can request an assessment by Adult Care Services if you:

Can someone else request an assessment on my behalf?

Yes, someone you know can request an assessment on your behalf - so long as they've discussed and agreed this with you in advance. This can be:

  • a relative, friend or carer
  • a professional involved in your care such as a GP, community nurse or mental health nurse
  • an advocate.

What If I have difficulty understanding the assessment process?

You can get someone called an advocate to request an assessment for you and to speak on your behalf.

Can I call someone if I need assistance with this?

You can call Adult Care on 0300 303 8886, Monday-Friday 8.30pm-4.45pm. In an emergency at all other times including bank holidays call 0300 303 8875.

What happens next after I've submitted the form?

Someone will be in touch to discuss your request. We'll usually contact you within 2 working days, although occasionally it can take a bit longer.

What about if I'm a carer?

You can complete the care assessment form on behalf of the person you're caring for - with their agreement. You can also request an assessment for yourself, to see if you're eligible for support in your role as a carer.

How do I arrange my own care and support?

If you're not eligible for support from the council, or don't want to have a care assessment, you can use this website for advice on how to make your own arrangements.  

This includes information on getting care and support at home to help maintain your independence, getting out and about, living with a disability, improving your health and wellbeing plus an A-Z of local services for adults including older people.