Care and support to maintain my independence at home

How do I get care and support in my own home?

As you get older, after an injury or illness, or if you have a disability, you may find it more difficult to do some of the things you used to be able to do - and you may find that you need additional help and support. Everyone will have different care and support needs. For example, you may benefit from regular visits by a home care worker, a physiotherapist or occupational therapist may help you to learn new methods of doing everyday tasks, or an item of equipment or telecare may help.

Most of us want to remain as independent as possible, and to stay living in our own homes, even if we experience difficulties due to age, health problems or a disability. But we also want to know that we are safe and can quickly call for help in an emergency.

How do I arrange my own care and support?

You can make your own arrangements and pay for services without contacting us - use the links below for information about different equipment, services and organisations.

How do I request care and support from the council?

You'll need to request a care and support assessment to see if you're eligible for support from the council which may include financial support towards the cost of your services.

Even if you're not eligible, we'll advise you about what's available locally.

Request a care and support assessment

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