Keeping people safe

Safeguarding adults at risk

At risk?

If you're at risk of abuse or suspect someone else is at risk, you should report your concerns straightaway.

How to report a concern

What we do to safeguard adults

Everyone is entitled to live their life in safety without being mistreated, hurt or exploited by others. Some people's situations may make them more vulnerable and less able to protect themselves from harm or mistreatment.

Rochdale Adult Care Service is strongly committed to ensuring that adults at risk in the Borough of Rochdale are protected from abuse and neglect and that this is prevented wherever possible.

Social workers and other experienced staff are responsible for investigating allegations of abuse and neglect.

Safeguarding Adults is everyone's business and it's essential that everyone is alert to the possibility of abuse and neglect and reports it as soon as possible if they suspect it's happening.

The Care Act 2014 introduced the following statutory duties for safeguarding adults:

  • Make enquiries, or ensure others do so, if it believes an adult is/ or is at risk of abuse or neglect.
  • An enquiry should establish whether any action needs to be taken to stop or prevent abuse or neglect and if so, by whom.
  • Set up a Safeguarding Adults Board  
  • Arrange, where appropriate, for an independent advocate to represent and support an adult who is the subject of a safeguarding enquiry or Safeguarding Adult Review where the adult has 'substantial difficulty' in being involved in the process and where there is no other appropriate adult to help them
  • Co-operate with each of its relevant partners, for example, police, NHS etc. in order to protect adults experiencing or at risk of abuse or neglect.

Read more about the Care Act 2014 on the Gov.UK website.

Rochdale Adult Care Service has a Safeguarding Adults Board and their priority is to ensure that agencies are working together to ensure all adults in the Rochdale Borough are as safe as they can be. The Rochdale Borough Safeguarding Adults Board website provides up-to-date information for professionals, adults at risk and their families.