Paying for non-residential care

Care usually provided to enable you to stay in your own home

Paying for services provided in the community (non-residential care)

We'll do a financial assessment to work out how much you need to pay. This will take into account your income from pensions and most of the benefits you receive. We then take off an amount for your living costs and look at how much is left.

We do not count:
  • Any wages or salary you may receive
  • Mobility Allowance
  • The mobility component of Disability Living Allowance
  • War Widows Pension
  • War Disablement Pension
  • Armed forces independent payment
  • Savings Credit part of Pension Credit

We do take into account any savings you may have. If you have savings or other assets (excluding the home you live in) over £23,250 you will have to pay the full cost of any services you receive.

Any savings between £14,250 and £23,250 will also be taken into account when we decide how much you will have to pay.

A weekly tariff of £1.00 will apply to every £250 above the level of £14,250.

Try the calculator

Use the contributions calculator for an idea of what you may have to pay for non-residential care and support services. 

Use the contributions calculator

Frequently asked questions

If I own a property will I have to sell it to pay for my care?
No, the value of the home you live in is not considered for non-residential service charges.

How often will I be assessed?
Financial re-assessments will be completed annually (at the start of the new tax year) and any changes in your circumstances will be taken into account.

What if my financial circumstances change?
You must let us know if your financial circumstances change in any way. You may be entitled to more contribution towards your care, or you may be asked to make more of a contribution depending on your circumstances.

When will I pay for my care services?
If you are on a cash budget then you will be asked to make your contribution into the allocated bank account every four weeks.

If you are on a budget managed by the Council, then you will be billed every 4 weeks for your contribution. The only exception to billing every 4 weeks is if your contribution is less than £3 a week, in which case you will be billed whenever the charges reach a total of £12.

What if I want to make a complaint?
Any concerns, complaints or comments should be directed in the first instance to the Revenues & Benefits Service:

Assessments & Benefits Service - Adult Care
Revenues & Benefits
P0 Box 615
Rochdale 0L16 9AJ

Under Section 17(3) of the Health and Social Services and Social Security Adjudications Act (1983) all individuals have the right to ask the Authority for a review of a charge for which they have been assessed if they consider that they cannot pay it.

These requests for review should be sent to:

Adult Care
P0 Box 100
Rochdale 0L16 9NP

Tel: 0300 303 8886

How do I arrange my own care and support?

If you're not eligible for support from the council, or don't want to have a care assessment or financial assessment, you can visit Our Rochdale service directory for advice on how to make your own arrangements and to view Adult Cares preferred providers.  

Our Rochdale service directory