Sensory Impairment

Sensory Impairment

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Assistive Technology
is a range of services and equipment designed to support people's safety, whilst helping them to remain independent in their own home.  

Action for Blind People
- Action for Blind People provides practical and emotional advice to people who are blind or partially sighted and their friends and family.

Emergency SMS
- If you have a hearing loss (or have difficulty talking) you might not be able to contact the emergency services by telephone. Emergency SMS allows you to send a text message to the 999 UK emergency services.

Guide Dogs for the Blind
- There are over 4,700 guide dog owners in the UK. If you are blind or partially sighted, a guide dog could change your life.

Hearing Dogs for Deaf People
– Hearing dogs for deaf people is a charity that offer greater independence, confidence and companionship to deaf people by providing dogs trained to alert them to chosen everyday sounds.

Heywood Blind Society
- An independent charity that supports blind and partially sighted people in the Heywood area.

Rochdale Blind Society
– An independent charity providing support to blind and partially sighted people in Rochdale and the surrounding area.

- A national charity supporting and campaigning for people who are deafblind and those with sensory impairments