Neighbourhood Teams

People need care and support for many reasons. This can be because of their age, disability, health and/or the personal situation they find themselves in. Adult Care has 6 Neighbourhood Teams that work across the Rochdale Borough supporting residents and their carers.

The Neighbourhood Teams also safeguard people and intervene when there are concerns about a person's safety, this could be financial, physical or emotional abuse.

To learn more about safeguarding adults you can visit:

The 6 Neighbourhood Teams work in the following areas of the Rochdale Borough. Depending on which area you live in will be dependent on which Neighbourhood Team will assess your care and support needs or the needs of a carer. The teams are:
  • Rochdale Central
  • Rochdale West
  • Heywood
  • Rochdale East
  • Pennines
  • Middleton

The 6 Neighbourhood Teams are made up of the following:
  • Team Manager
  • Advanced Practitioner Social workers
  • Social Workers
  • Support Planners
  • Care Navigators
  • Social Care assistants
  • Social Care apprentices
  • Business Support assistants

To see if you would be eligible for care and support services or support in your caring role from Adult Care visit the Our Rochdale Service Directory for more information.

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