Report abuse and hate crime

Reporting abuse

If you're at risk or you suspect another person is at immediate risk of harm, call 999 and speak to the police. All calls concerning worries about vulnerable adults are treated seriously.

To report a non-urgent case of abuse of vulnerable adults who are 18 and over, contact Rochdale Adult Care Service:

  • Call 0300 303 8886 (weekdays 8.30am - 4.45pm) or
  • Call 0300 303 8875 (Emergency Duty Team out of hours; including bank holidays)
  • Email: - please give as much information as possible, including contact details.

Alternatively you can call Greater Manchester Police on 0161 872 5050.
You can also share your concerns with your doctor, housing officers, nurse or social worker and they can report your concerns to Adult Care on your behalf.

The person you are concerned about may not be able to report the abuse themselves and may rely on you to voice your concerns.

You must never assume that somebody else will recognise and report what you have seen or heard.

To read more on reporting abuse and neglect, you can visit Our Rochdale service directory- Report neglect, abuse and hate crime

Remember - safeguarding is everyone's business!

Rochdale Borough Safeguarding Adults Board (RBSAB)

Reporting hate crime

All hate crimes and incidents should be reported, whether you:
  • Have been a victim
  • Have been a witness
  • Are reporting on behalf of someone else.

A hate crime is a criminal offence and you should report all hate crime incidents you have experienced to help the police get a full picture of what you are experiencing.

To report a hate crime contact:
  • Dial 999 in an emergency
  • Dial 101 Greater Manchester Police (GMP)
  • Any police station in the borough.

If you don't want to talk to the police you can visit the True Vision website where you can report the hate crime online or download a reporting form which can be sent to your local police station.

To read more on reporting hate crime, you can visit Our Rochdale Service Directory - report neglect, abuse and hate crime.