Paying for care and support services

How much will I have to pay for Care and Support services?

After your care and support assessment, if we find you're eligible to get our support we'll ask you to complete a financial assessment to see if you should pay towards the costs.

The financial assessment will look at your income, savings and any other assets you have.

The amount you'll have to pay, if any, will be calculated according to government guidelines and can take into account certain housing costs and disability-related spending.

If you prefer to make your own care arrangements privately, without help from us, you don't need to have a financial assessment.

Paying for non-residential care and residential care - what's the difference?

The main difference is that:

The contributions calculator

Use the contributions calculator to get an idea of how much you may have to pay if you receive support from us.

Use the contributions calculator

How do I arrange my own Care and Support?

If you're not eligible for support from the council, or don't want to have a care assessment or financial assessment, you can visit Our Rochdale Service Directory for advice on how to make your own arrangements and to view Adult Care's preferred providers.  

Our Rochdale Service Directory